An Overall Game Of Putting Explained Here To Help You Touch On All Aspects Of Putting

Golf putting game is the most significant aspect of the game as a golfer depends on 40-50% of his/her scores on the game of putting. The putting game in golf requires you to be methodical and consistent till you are well acquainted with the best method to put well. A good golfer follows the path given here:

Reading The Green

Before approaching the ball for putting, is important to read the green well. Assess the green from behind the ball, from the sides and also “below the hole”. You must do so to understand if the putting green is downhill or uphill to gauge the speed with which the ball is likely to move. Observe the sides of the green to determine where the ball might break, left, right or would move sideways. Grain of the green is not very important because now-a-days the grass is mowed well so that it most likely to keep standing and does not really affect the speed of the putt. Once you have judged the green well, it is now the turn to learn how to grip the putter well.

Putting Grips

The dominant philosophy today is to keep the wrists firm and allow the shoulders to swing back and forth. This is to reduce the stress and tension on the small muscles of the wrists and the burden is shared by the large muscles of the shoulders. The ideal style of gripping would be to keep all the fingers on the grip and the putter is trapped against the left forearm. The index finger of the lower arm the thumb must point down towards the grip and the remaining fingers are trapped between the forearm and the lower hand. The hands are slightly spaced and this allows the index finger of the upper arm to be extended. If these positions are well placed then the putter simply becomes the extended forearm. The ball must be placed in front of the forward toe and given a gentle stroke during the upswing of the putter.

Putting At The Aim

One must aim well and try to putt along the intended line of aim. It would be wise to place the ball in such a way that the printed matter on the ball coincides with the intended line of aim. You may even draw a line on the ball so that it coincides well with the intended line. This is what Tiger Woods does. He uses a marker and puts a mark on the ball coinciding with the intended line of aim. Then make sure that your eyes are on the intended line of aim and set the putter blade behind the ball. You may keep an intermediate target on the path of the intended line and attempt to touch it while you putt.


Make a straight line stroke keeping it along the intended line of aim. Prefer a pendulum stroke making no movements with the wrists but making movements only with the shoulders.

Thus, putting in the game of golf is possible if you grip well and also aim correctly. The final affect is on how well you execute the stroke.