An Overview On All Kinds Of Golf Putting Aids Available To A Golfer For Putting

Golf putting aids are increasingly getting popular as they help amateur and professional golfers alike to putt well. The most common putting aids in golf are:

  • Practice Putting Mats Practicing: mats give a lovely feel of the greens to a golfer who wishes to practice a game of golf nearer his home or the office. Practicing golf green mats are available from 1 meter to 5 meters in length and can be easily rolled and stacked in the company’s transit boxes. They can be easily fixed by the golfer and do not require screw, fixings etc.
  • Putting Plane Alignment System:There are two popular devices that can be summed up as putter plane alignment systems. One is the professional plane rail which is just right for the teacher. It is usually 12 inches long and the putter is designed to come inside in the scientifically proven 18 degree arc during the upward swing. The other putting alignment system helps the golfer to square the putter face directly behind the ball by aligning it along the red line. This system also comes along with mirrors that help in determining the posture of the hands well.
  • Putter Grips: In order to increase the grip volumes several golf putting aids are available which fits around the putter and helps you have a better grip. This putting aid has a dimpled surface that prevents the putter from slipping even if the conditions are extremely wet.
  • Green Readers: Every golfer realizes that it is necessary to read and assess the green for successful putting. The “green reader” launched by several companies help you do just that. What is the slope of the green, what would be the speed and how are the grains arranged? All these questions are well answered by the “green readers”.
  • Hinged Training Putters: Now-a-days, hinged training putters are becoming popular because the hinged design helps the golfers to master the skill of smoother acceleration during upward awing. The player is forced to swing the putter head against the ball and helps one improve on speed and tempo.
  • “Putter point” Training Device: A “putter point” putting aid is effective because it can be easily inserted in a hole with its “tip” clearly visible. Such a device helps you in focusing pinpoint where you need to putt as the device is generally dark red in color and fixes easily in the centre of the hole. The putter point tip enhances the visual acuity of the player and the player can easily define the intended line of the aim to hit. Usually this putting device comes with an easy-to-fit base that drops evenly in the hole and does not damage the hole or the ball.

With more and more people getting engrossed in the thrills of golf putting, putting aids are being used to make the game more fun and yes, more competitive. What is important is that one must obtain those aids which help us overcome our limitations and improve our handicap. Arranging golf putting aids and never using them during practice serves no purpose!