A Complete List Of All Golf Putting Devices To Aid Your Putting

Golf putting devices are those putting tools that teach a golfer to perfectly use a putting stroke along a reselected path so that the putter face is square on the ball and holes it well. Golf putting aids include a wide range of tools and devices such as: putting alignment systems, putting mirrors, kick-back putting mats, putting cups etc. Some of the popular putting devices have been mentioned below:

  • Henri Reis’ Path Finder This is a popular putting device that helps practicing golfers improve their putting strokes. Below the Path finder there are six set of magnets that keep the pins on the Path Finder in proper place. These pins are adjusted by the golfer depending upon the putter type that is being used. The putter is to be placed between the pins. The six pins are adjusted on the Path Finder. There is a putting mirror on the path Finder which helps golfers to align the ball well and place the putter well in position. If the golfer drives a shot and the putter touches the pins, then the pins would bend, but have a mechansim to rise again. This allows the player to practice well so that his/her focus is entirely on how well to hit the ball without touching the pins.

Path finder has proven to be a successful golf putting device with more and more people practicing their putting skills using it. Path Finder helps you improve your putting skills and have more confidence in doing so!

  • Eye Line Golf Putting Laser Line – Of the several putting devices used, the other most popular one is the Eye line golf putting laser line training aid. This device consists of laser beam those points straight at the putting hole and helps golfers aim well. It involves the latest technology of using laser beams in marking the target.
  • Golf Putting Cups and Mats – Golf putting cups and putting mats are those putting devices which help golfers to improve their handicap and get excellent scores. These putting mats and cups are now-a-days battery operated so that they deliver the well putted ball back. Moreover, they can be easily placed indoors and outdoors for thorough practice. They can be easily stored and fixed with the least problem.
  • Learning Curve – Learning curve is another popular training device which helps the golfer learns the correct curved stroke as it comes inside during the backstroke, back to square the impact and to the inside again during the follow through. Thus, this golf putting device can help golfers by giving a positive feedback about the stroke motions. In most of the learning Curves, A red rail is also attached which help the practicing golfer to adjust the Learning Curve according to the target. The red rail lets the golfer know if the stroke is going off the mark.