How To Make Use Of Golf Putting Mats In Your Practice Sessions

The most popular item among putting aids is the golf putting mat which is now-a-days available in a wide range in the market. These putting mats help golfers to practice their skills of putting indoors and even outdoors so that they can continue to score less and improve their handicap.

Uses of Golf Putting Mats

It is advisable to purchase completely contourable practicing putting green if one wants to excel in the game of golf. There are several popular brands that sell putting mats such as Linksputts which sell putting mats as long as 5 meters starting from 1 meter. They allow you to putt from the same slope standing on the putt.

  • The biggest advantage of using such putting mats is that the mats are countourable and give a very good feel of the green which is found on your golf course. Several options of putting the putting mats are available now-a-days. If one wishes to have a downhill green, or an uphill, a horizontal one or a one with a double break, these putting mats can be set accordingly. One can then practice well using the different “green conditions” that the mats allow.

One is able to modify the contours as the product is provided with stackable plastic risers that help in changing the contours.

  • Putting mats in golf are now user-friendly and do not require any screws, fastenings etc. they can be easily installed your homes and even the workplace.
  • When not in use, these putting mats can be stored in strong transit boxes as provided by the company.
  • Initial setting up time of the golf putting mat can be 15-20 minutes. Once you are used to it, it may take 10 minutes only.
  • Type of putting mats: The general dimensions of putting mats are 0.75 m wide and the length may range from 1m to 5m. One should purchase according to the space available for practice.
  • It is not advisable to leave the putting mats outside as rain or heavy winds may damage the lightweight green in the mats. They must be brought back after practice.

Practicing on contoured putts is the best way of building confidence on the putts. After all in a natural golf course one encounters a certain break or an element of slope. This is well practiced on putting mats which create a great deal of permutations regarding slope and breaks. Thus, golf putting mats are superb putting aids for amateur and even professional golfers.