Know Golf Kick Back Putting Aids Better

Putting is about 40% of the golf game for every player from being an amateur or a pro at golf. Yet, it is the most neglected one. Many players keep practicing from only few putting positions assuming that putting is likely to happen from there. This is not often the case. Thus, practicing putting with putting aids is very beneficial.

Golf kick back putting is all-time favorite golf putting tools which help golfers learn the tricks of putting well. Most of the golf kick back putting aids are combined with unique features which enhance the skills of the golfer practicing.

Many of the kick back putting aids are the kick back putting mats. These mats contain non-skid and easily roll able features that help the golfers to set up the system indoors and outdoors. Auto-return putting mats are more helpful as they prevent the golfer going to-and-forth to retrieve the ball every time it ends up in the hole or other place sin the mat.

Izzo’s golf kick back putting mats come with a slight incline that provides a certain challenge to the player so that he/she develops a firm stroke. These kick back putting mats have battery operated putting cups that return all the putts that get into the holes. The general price of these mats may range from $40-$50 and are now-a-days available online.

The options in golf kick back putting mats are many. The market of golf sports apparel have kick-back putting mats which have thick, comfortable green area to walk on. Some are provided with additional accessories so that you can expand the mat to any size. Most of the mats are weather resistant and can withstand the turbulences of weather. While buying golf kick back putting mats, ensure that the putting cups designed in the mat are recessed enough to allow the ball to fall into it completely. The major advantage to the golfer who practices on the kick back putting mats is that they are also provided with flagsticks also that give the practicing golfers a perfect “feel” of practicing on the greens.

Some putting mats also have specially designed putting style surface which have electric ball “return” that also retrieve the missed as well as the holed putts. The most popular one among them is Wilson Island Golf putting mats. These mats also help in improving the putting skills and accuracy of the practicing golfer.

In the long list of various kick back putting mats, one must not forget the “hazard putting mat”, which also have the non-battery operated auto return system which allows the missed putts and the holed ones to reach the golfer. It has a non-directional turf that simulates grass and is ideal for serious practice. Such hazard putting mats” are well suited in indoor playing as well as outdoors. The most popular brands that sell these kick back putting aids are Callaway, Izzo, Sbobet88 etc.

The other popular golf kick back putting aids are kick back putting cups that send the putts back to the player whenever the stroke gets the ball in the hole. Ensure that the kick back putting cup that you buy is portable and easy to handle. Kick back putting cups are usually priced at $25-$35.