Keep Your Trolley Rolling With The Right Golf Trolley Battery

Many golfers deal with conflicting emotions when preparing for a round of golf. They may prefer to walk the course like the game was intended to be played, but may not physically be able to tote around a heavy golf bag all day. In other instances, players who would rather use carts may be stuck on their own two feet at courses which don’t allow carts (more common in Great Britain than in North America).

For either of these situations there’s the golf trolley, an ideal compromise for those who would prefer to walk the course without the burden of carrying their heavy golf bag around. Trolley’s come in two standard varieties, the manual and electric trolley. Manual trolleys can come in either 2 or 3 wheel varieties. The 2 wheelers are intended to be pulled behind the player, while the 3 wheel varieties may be pushed or pulled.

When it comes to even greater trolley convenience though, nothing beats the electric trolley. It really is the perfect way to enjoy the golfing experience. You’re walking along and enjoying nature, while not having to be distracted by carrying or pulling your golf bag. That’s not to say electric trolleys will drive themselves around, but you get the idea.

Electric trolleys are 3 wheel models, and look very similar to manual 3 wheel trolleys, save for the electric battery resting in the middle of the trolley’s framework. It’s this golf trolley battery that we’ll be discussing for the rest of the Cara Daftar 188Bet article, as the trolley battery is probably the most important consideration when purchasing an electric trolley.

The trolley itself has a few design aspects which should be considered, namely the materials used to construct it, be it aluminum (lightweight but weak), steel (stronger and heavier than aluminum), or titanium (the strongest, but also most expensive material used in trolley construction). The last major consideration concerning the trolley itself is how the trolley is controlled. Some models have a simple on/off switch, and the trolley always travels at a preset speed. Others will have variable speeds to match the golfer’s walking speed, and help guide it over uneven terrain. Lastly, some trolleys even come with remote control devices which can be used to easily move the trolley around in the desired direction and speed.

When it comes to the battery though, there are two major considerations. How long does it last for, and how heavy is it? Starting with the latter, batteries are often quite heavy, and as you’ll be forced to constantly remove and charge up the battery, its weight may be an important factor. Regarding the former, you want to be certain that your battery will get you through even the longest day on the course. The absolute worst possible scenario would be to have your battery run out, forcing you to manually lug around your trolley which is packing extra weight because of the battery itself. The difference in price between shorter and longer lasting batteries is not immense, so it’s definitely recommended you purchase the best battery you can, taking into consideration your ability to get your trolley around in the event it did run out of power.

Don’t be left stranded on the course with a dead battery. Find a trolley battery that has the power you’ll need to get you through your typical rounds without fail, and enjoy your time spent on the course without worrying about the state of your trolley battery.