Electric Golf Carts for Kids

When you’re searching for golf carts for kids there is almost no way around the Dexton Big Driver Golf Cart and the smaller Lil Driver Golf Cart. Both of them are motorized golf carts powered by a battery much like what you see in normal golf carts except that they are a lot less powerful.

Normally kids’ golf carts are meant for children in the age between 3 to 7 years old but since these machines are motorized it is strongly advised that parent consider whether the child will be able to handle the cart without getting hurt.

Normally the primary reason for purchasing a golf cart for kids is for them to drive around the golfing range with their parents and if not on the golfing range, then in the garden at home. Kids love to imitate their parents and if mom and/or dad drives a golf cart they’ll want to do the same.

Types of Golf Carts for Kids

Golf Cart Kids Pink DextonNow I have already mentioned the Dexton Driver Golf Carts but that doesn’t mean that they are the only once out there. However they are one of the major players and because of that I’ll stick with discussing what options you have if you’ll want one of their cart models.

You can choose between the Big Driver model which is meant for the bigger kids and the Lil Driver model that is designed for the younger ones.

The Big Driver golf cart is powered by a battery and comes with two gears. The cart will drive with a speed of 2.5 mph in the low gear and 5.0 mph in the high gear. It has a load capacity of 90 lbs and comes equipped with both a cup holder and a sounding horn. The Big Driver is suited for two kids to ride it as one time.

The Lil Driver golf cart is also powered by a battery but with a lot less strength. Where the Big Driver had a 12 volt battery the little driver only has a 6 volt battery. This means that it can only drive one speed and that is 2.5 mph. It has a loading capacity of 65 lbs and is only suited for one kid riding it.

Kids’ Golf Cart Pricing

Golf Cart Kids White DextonElectric golf carts for kids are naturally a lot cheaper that it’s grownup counterpart. Where adult golf carts can easily cost thousands of dollars you’ll be able to buy the Big Driver models from new at prices around $400-$500 and probably a lot cheaper if you buy them as used.

The Lil Driver models are around $200-$300 from new but again you’ll be able to find it at a lesser price if you buy a used model. One of the best places to find good deals for the Dexton golf carts are at ebay. At the time of writing there were several deals at almost half price so be sure to check that option out.

As for colors you’ll find the Big Driver golf cart in white and red and the Lil Driver in white and pink. There might be other colors available but I haven’t been able to locate them.

Where to Buy a Golf Cart for Kids

Again I strongly suggest that you check out ebay because you’ll find some golf carts for kids that has hardly been used but with great savings. But if you do want a new cart I strongly suggest that you take a look at this Slot Bola88 Online sporting shop. They are very fairly priced and you’re able to read customer reviews of each product before you purchase anything.