Golf Cart Lift Kits Can Functionally Soup Up Your Golf Cart

Golf Cart Lift Kits Can Functionally Soup Up Your Golf Cart

If there’s one thing people love to do, it’s tinker with the things they own and make them unique. Whether it be jail breaking their mobile phones and downloading custom applications to them, souping up their car with rare or custom parts, or building the ultimate home theatre system from a wide gamut of different products. Consider it our desire to stand out from the pack, and not follow conventions or typical standards put in place by society.

Well this same flair for creativity and passion for taking things to new heights (both figuratively, and in this case, literally), has come to the golfing world. While golf has always featured some level of customizability in the sense that golf clubs can be tailor fitted and designed with a specific person in mind, and many golfers love to mark their balls with unique designs to help them identify them in the case of multiple balls being present in one area, the golfing world has never seen anything quite like golf cart lift kits.

These lift kits can be used to raise the undercarriage of your golf cart further off the ground, allowing for the removal of the existing, plain tires, and the addition of larger, more robust and stylish tires. Far from simply being a visual upgrade, there are several practical and functional reasons for using a golf cart lift kit.

Golf Cart Lift KitsMost notably, the wider offset of the new tires, as well as the tires themselves being larger and wider, provides added stability while riding in your cart, particularly at higher speeds. In addition, the larger tires are much better suited to travel offer rougher or more uneven terrains. Being higher up in your cart and having a better view of the surrounding area and terrain could also provide advantages while playing a course.

Of course, the visual appeal is just as important as the practical applications for many. For those who play golf and use their cart regularly, they can become just as attached to it as people are want to be with other similar products such as bikes or cars. The fancy visual upgrade makes their cart stand out from the pack and certainly makes the owner appear to be serious about his or her golf.

As mentioned, the larger and wider tires must be further offset from the cart to prevent any contact with the cart’s base while turning. This is the one major consideration which must be taken into account when purchasing a lift kit. As lift kits are not cheap, you’ll want to make sure that the kit will work with your particular cart, and that the intended size of wheel will also function well with the combination of cart and kit.

Lastly, depending on your level of technical expertise, you’ll probably want to ensure that your kit of choice won’t require any welding or metal cutting. Most of the newer kits on the market don’t, but some way, which could force you to have the kit professionally installed. In most other cases you should have no trouble installing your lift kit and replacing the tires yourself.