There’s A Golf Training Aid Available For Whatever Ails You

If there’s any one sport that’s well-known for creating some wacky training aids, it’s most certainly golf. From the seemingly simple to the incredibly outlandish, golf aids have been created to help players of varying skill levels with all facets of the game, be it driving the ball, putting, hitting out of the sand, or general posture and mechanics.

Let’s start with some of the simpler products and work our way up. A common practicing tool used for developing proper swing habits is the weighted club. These clubs are very popular among professional players, most notably Vijay Singh, who hits hundreds of balls daily with a weighted club. The benefit of these clubs is that they force the hands and arms into a better position on the downswing, ingraining positive habits into the user. A popular way to use these clubs is to alternate between the training club and the golfer’s actual club, helping them to feel the difference in their swings, and what it should feel like when swinging their actual clubs.

Putting is a cause of particular worry for many golfers, and one of the prevailing issues is simply proper alignment before the putt. You can hit a technically perfect putt, but if you’re simply not aligned properly the putt will never fall. For this reason there’s a popular putting aid on the market called the Targaline Putting System. Through the use of visual aids, the Targaline system can help you train your eyes to better visualize putts, and better align yourself when preparing to putt.

Another popular golf training aid is the Medicus Dual-Hinge 5-Iron. This incredibly unique device breaks down the instant it detects an anomaly in your swing, which gives you the type of instant feedback that can really help break you of bad habits and get your swing on the right track (both figuratively and literally). The Medicus line has even expanded to now include a driver, to help combat some of the unique challenges presented by the driver as opposed to irons.

If you really want to go all out there’s the Ultimate Workstation, one of those incredibly gimmicky looking devices you may have seen infomercials for, but which certainly is not without merit. The device features a complex array of feedback pads which force your swing along a particular path, while also demanding your head remain relatively still, and other parts of your body don’t decide to do strange things. The ability to correctly train without actually thinking about mechanics is a powerful tool that device allows.

While not so much a training aid, giant golf nets are perfect for allowing you to hit balls in your backyard, or anywhere else you can manage to set the net up and have a proper surface to hit off of. Don’t settle for using plastic balls in your backyard which simply don’t give the same feedback and results as real balls.

No matter what seems to be ailing you in your game (and if you’re anything like me, it’s not just one thing, but multiple things), there’s a golfing aid out there to help you cure it. Of course, owing to the fact that there are so many different aids available, positive results may vary. You’d be advised to do some research on the product and look for some unbiased testimonials as to the usefulness of the product before jumping on board.