A Guide To Enhance Your Putting Skills

It is always advisable to have a well practiced putting technique which good golfers swear by! Majority of expert golfers admit that they strictly adhere to timing and technique while putting and they always dwell a lot on golf putting lessons.

Golf Putting Lesson

  • Think You Can, And You Will

The game of putting well comes with diligent practice and steadfast hardwork to get the fundamentals right. With a positive attitude, one must attempt to approach the putting green and viola! One can putt the hole successfully!

  • Putting Grip

It is important for one to have a good putting grip to get started with. The first golf putting lesson hence, dwells with how you grip the putter. One must grip the putter in such a way that the hands are close enough and are working as one same unit. The kinds of grips that are generally preferred are reverse overlap grip and cross handed grip. Whatever is the grip, what is important that the pressure on the putter is not too hard or too light? The optimal amount of grip pressure helps one to have a good feel.

  • Position of The Ball

One’s left eye must be above the ball which needs to be putted. Approach the ball cautiously and focus your eyes on the ball so that it follows the putting line of travel.

  • Stand at Optimal Distance

The best way of holing in the ball would be to ensure that you are at a safe distance from the ball. When you stand behind the ball, visualize it rolling on the aim line.

Practice Putting Strokes along a line parallel to the aim line. Then commit yourself to the aim line that you had visualized earlier. In most cases, golfers practice strokes looking at the hole and not targeting the aim line. Avoid doing because you may miss putt below the hole.

  • Keeping Head and Body Still

Keep your body still and calm. It is also advisable to stand tall and make sharp angles with your spine and legs so that the arms are hanging freely from the shoulders. See to it that your forearms and putter form a straight line.

  • Position of The Face of The Putter

The face of the putter must stay low to the ground during the stroke. Avoid hitting down too steeply through impact. Just play the ball just forward of your chest bone. This will help the ball roll smoothly across the putting surface.

After taking a complete position and also focusing on the ball which is to be putted, keep the club head low to the ground as you swing the putter away with your arms and shoulders. Do not hinge the wrists at all! Simply accelerate the putter through the ball and watch it as it gently rolls on the putting green.