The Importance Of Golf Putting Drills In Improving Your Game

Golf putting is an important part of the game that ends you up with half of the score. Lack of golf putting drills often makes people drop a shot through sloppy putting. It may be that one hits the ball well, but if there are three putts in a round, the golfer tends to lose nerve and repeats bad putting.

Putting Drills

The main reason that many people show poor putting performance is because the line has been judged incorrectly and the distance has not been felt correctly. To enhance putting skills, firstly practice on flat putting greens to gain confidence. Practice putting even for small distance like four foot putters and avoid giving them up while practicing. Learn to hit the putts with a ball marker instead of starting off putting at a hole. You can begin by simply rolling the ball towards a ball marker and visualizing how a putting stroke would feel.

Practicing Golf Putting

Regular putting drills ensure that you become fairly good at

  • Short putts
  • Judging distances
  • Aiming at scores

Short Putt Drills

While practicing short putt drills, it is advisable to practice with 4 balls placed approximately at a distance of 3 feet from the hole in all the four directions. Approach each ball and practice gentle swings without actually touching the ball. Now, gently putt the ball and watch it as it holes in slot777. Repeat with the other three balls as well. These drills are to make you confident of putting technique.

For a good feel of distance and smooth stroke

In order to have a feel of the pace of the ball and the distance, it is advisable to do putting drills in long putts with three balls. Place all the three balls in a line. Now, approach each ball and putt each one hard without looking up. See to it that all the balls cover an approximately equal amount of distance. Regular golf putting drills would make you confident in smooth strokes in long putts.

Aiming at scores

Arrange three clubs along the sides of a hole on the green. Stand 4 meters away from the hole. Begin by putting five balls with firm yet gentle strokes. While practicing, you may assign certain scores: you lose a point if the ball doesn’t reach the hole but falls short of it. Your score is “1” if the ball is holed-in. your score. If the ball touches the club lying beside the hole, then you lose a point. If the ball does not touch the club and neither does it get holed in, then the score is “0”. Your aim must be to get “0” as the score. While practicing, try to move away a meter or so and repeat the same golf putting drills.

Golf putting drills can be successful if one begins practice with convenient putting aids and even rulers, that would help in affixing the putter’s head and you know how to centre the stroke.