Ladies Golf Clothing Will Keep You Stylish Despite Your Game

Ladies Golf Clothing Will Keep You Stylish Despite Your Game

It used to be that in the realm of fashion, golfers and the traditional golf clothes they wore were down near the bottom of the fashion totem pole, perhaps just a notch or two above glam rockers. Yes, they were dark times in the golf world, though not in a literal sense. Rather these times were characterized by overly gaudy designs and bright, clashing colors.

While this outlandish fashion sense hasn’t left the golfing world entirely, as one can still see its influence in the clothing choices of players like Jesper Parnevik and Ian Poulter, it has certainly grown and matured to the point where golf shirts and apparel are now on the leading edge of the fashion industry. Though women’s golfing clothes never achieved the same lows as men’s clothing, it’s certainly true that they’re also setting a new standard in quality designs.

Thanks to the increased exposure of the LPGA tour with its many young star players such as Paula Creamer and Michelle Wie, and the fact that more and more women continue to take up the game, major golf apparel companies like Nike have continued to increase their output of fine ladies golf clothing that women can feel proud to wear on or off the course.

Even clothing and fashion labels that haven’t traditionally had a presence in the golfing world have entered the fray on the women’s side of the clothing line, including world renowned companies like Ralph Lauren and Armani.

We know women love their shoes, and putting together a great golfing outfit begins with this essential element. Golf shoes must serve the important double purpose of being stylish, but even more importantly, comfortable. Walking 18, or even 9 holes, is a tremendous strain on the feet, especially if your feet are stuck in footwear that simply isn’t suitable for the task at hand (or rather, afoot). Walter Genuin has a great line of fashionable and comfortable golf footwear products for females, while the renowned golfing footwear provider FootJoy also carries a wide range of feminine footwear, catering to comfort without sacrificing performance.

Next up is the choice for either full legged pants or a skirt, the choice of which will likely come down to personal taste and/or the weather. Certainly on cooler days ladies should wear a flexible and warm pair of trousers, while on warmer days they may wish to go with a skirt. Skorts have also seen an increase in popularity as both fashion and sporting wear, essentially being shorts made to look like skirts.

For tops, sleeveless has become a popular alternative to traditional golfing t-shirts; while long-sleeved is certainly a viable option on cooler days as well. Again, the emphasis should be on comfort and performance without neglecting style. Monterrey and Tail are two clothing lines with a wide range of quality golfing tops for women.

While that covers the main clothing choices for women, there are still several accessories to consider which you may or may not need to coordinate with your outfit, most notably your headwear, as well as gloves, socks, etc.

Being a golfer no longer means wearing silly clothes that push the boundaries of good taste. It now means wearing stylish, comfortable, and performance enhancing clothing that will ensure you look great on the golf course, even if your game is doing its best to make you look bad.