Golf Putting Cups, Its Merits And Use For Golfers In Putting

Golf Putting Cups, Its Merits And Use For Golfers In Putting

Golf Putting Cups are most popular training aids. A golfer soon realizes that 50% of his/her score in the game of golf depend on how well he/she putts. Putting expertise is hence, a necessity. Most of the golfers purchase numerous putting cups which are designed to be placed on the carpet (which simulate the putting green). Putting cups in golf have become very popular.

Putting Cups In Golf

On must remember that on the actual green there exists an optimal range of putting speeds. A putt must be stuck with such speed so as not just to reach the hole, but be capable of rolling one or two feet past it. A firmly struck centered putt must fall into the hole even if its speed could carry it further. Putting cups help golfers recognize these ball putting speeds and rejects or accepts holing putts.

A great range of putting cups is available in the market now-a-days. You can purchase them easily online or from good sports outlets near your home. Certain plastic putting cups help in improving putting accuracy of the golfer. They feature positive retention system that hold online putts and reject “gimmies”. They help the golfers understand the proper stroke that they must give to keep the ball in the cup for a realistic golfing experience.

Adjustable Putting Cups

Some companies even offer adjustable putting cups that have an easy flip-top design. This feature of the cups allow a golfer to change the putting target from a standard 4 ¼” to 2 3/8”. Moreover, they can also be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Automatic Return Putting Cups

Putting cups with battery-operated “return” systems are also available which can be a great help to the practicing golfer. These putt returns help in perfecting the putting by the golfer.

“Office” Golf Putting Cup

And then there are putting cups which can be easily fixed in the office premises. These “executive” putting cups offer a chance to practice in the leisure hours in the office or to engage in official golf tournaments with colleagues.

Since, a wide range of golf putting cups are available, it is advisable to choose a brand that suits the pocket and the quality as well. With this variety, one can choose the type of putting cup that one wants.

The prices of a good golf putting cup range from $2 to $16. Prices are higher if the putting cup has automatic return ball system.